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Used Cooking Oil (UCO) and Fatty Acids

We offer two feedstock sources for the sustainable production of biodiesel: Used Cooking Oil and Fatty Acids. In order to meet your specific production needs, we can deliver various specifications. Reach out to let us know your exact wishes and we will be able to tell you what we can do to help.

Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

We recognise the growing importance of sustainability in the fossil fuel industry. That’s why we’re excited to offer a reliable supply of Used Cooking Oil (UCO). By reusing waste cooking oil, we contribute to a circular economy and reduce the need for new farmland.

We understand the need for specific values when it comes to Free Fatty Acids (FFA), Iodine Value (IV), and sulphur content. You can rely on us to deliver UCO that aligns with your biodiesel production needs.

Contact us today to explore our range of UCO options for responsible biodiesel production.

Fatty acids

As a biodiesel corporation, you seek high-quality feedstock that meets specific criteria. We can deliver premium fatty acids that meet your specific needs. We prioritise the aspects that matter most: high purity, low Free Fatty Acids (FFA), consistent quality, low sulfur level and sustainable sourcing from agriculture.

Partner with us to access a reliable supply of fatty acids that meet your stringent standards. Reach out to us today to discover our range of high-quality fatty acids.

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